Do Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Make Healthcare Safer?

By Tim O’Hare,

Let me put this out there first: I believe the medical profession is a noble profession. An overwhelming majority of doctors are good people performing invaluable work for us. Without doctors, our life spans would be shorter, physical pain would be more prevalent and our overall health would be in poorer condition. Earlier today, I was in a deposition in Des Moines, Iowa. The deposition was of a Physiatrist who was testifying on behalf of one of my clients. This particular physician took time out of his day to testify about my client’s severe injuries, his prospects for recovery and his future need for medical care. Doctors like this one set the standard for caring for patients, and we are fortunate to have many outstanding health care providers in this country.

The Law Offices of Tim O’Hare handles Medical Malpractice cases. But, we are extremely selective about the cases we agree to take on and handle only a handful of Medical Malpractice cases each year. In each case, the client (patient) has suffered severe injuries as a result of Medical Negligence or our client(s) have lost loved ones as a result of medical negligence. I once helped a family who had a four-year old little boy who died in an emergency room after being suffocated to death by a nurse. The nurse was assisting a Physician’s Assistant who was stitching the little boy after he fell. His parents took him in to get four stitches from a little cut, and they left without their child. It was the most heart-wrenching case I have ever been involved in.

Allowing doctors, hospitals, nurses and other health care providers to be sued when serious mistakes are made keeps them accountable and saves lives. When we take on a medical malpractice case, we are not only helping the client we represent, but we are also making health care safer for all of us.

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