Giving to Others is Important All Year Long

by Tim O’Hare

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“To whom much is given, much will be required.” Luke 12:48

The Christmas season is a time for giving. We give gifts to those we love, we give back to our communities and we give to those who are less fortunate. While this is the season for giving, we believe giving back is important all year around, not just at Christmas.

As lawyers and members of our community, we strive to give back to by caring for others, giving to those in need and being generous with our time and talents. Christen and I give to our church, to military veteran charities, to schools and to the Christian Legal Society, a group of Christian lawyers who volunteer as mentors to a local inner-city Dallas high school and to SMU law students. We give to organizations that give legal services to the poor, to the building of an orphanage in an unnamed Communist country through a special project, and to various other individuals and entities throughout the year. We also give to JuviGap Ministries, a non-profit organization committed to helping juvenile offenders during their probationary period, with the aim of helping these kids stay out of trouble.

This year, we gave to Iran Alive Ministries, a ministry designed to reach people living in a Muslim country to teach them about Jesus.  We have also given to a number of other charities, individuals and groups, including the Christmas Store at First Baptist Carrollton, which serves people in need in our community by allowing them to pick out Christmas gifts for their children free of charge.

Why did I just tell you about all of our giving?  To show you how good we are?  Absolutely not.  Through our giving, we often find that we are blessed as much, if not more, than those we give to.  Over the years, we have seen the eyes of people in need light up when a meaningful gift is given them. We have seen how deeply our small contributions have touched the lives of those in need.

Giving back to others and to our community puts things in perspective. It reminds us of the good that exists in humanity, especially in a time when so much of what we see in our world is dark. It teaches us to appreciate what we’ve been given and how much we have been blessed.

This Christmas season, we encourage you to take some time to give to someone less fortunate than yourself. But don’t let the giving stop there. Look for opportunities all year around to help those in need. We assure you, you will be blessed.

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