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In a society in which lawyers often get a bad reputation due to the antics of a few, it’s important for attorneys to give back to the community to show people that most lawyers are actually caring, giving and generous with their time, money and talents. Additionally, much of what happens today requires knowledge of law. The law touches every aspect of every business, charity and government function. Lawyers who are involved in their communities and with charitable organizations are able to provide that knowledge to organizations in need.

Motivated by the Scriptures in Luke 12:48, which reads, “To whom much is given, much will be required,” Tim O’Hare strives to be an active member of the Dallas-area community, giving of his time and talent to a number of organizations. Tim has previously served as the president of a local Rotary Club, a councilman of Farmers Branch (2005-2008) and Mayor of Farmers Branch (2008-2011). After leaving the Mayor’s office, he became President of the Christian Legal Society of Dallas.

The Christian Legal Society is a group of Christian lawyers who meet for networking, fellowship and service. They currently work with DISD’s Lincoln High School as mentors to students and they serve as mentors to law students at Southern Methodist University.

Tim also serves on the Public Forum Committee and Speakers Committee for the Dallas Bar Association. The DBA is a group of lawyers in the Dallas area who provide legal services to those living in poverty. He is a Founding Board Member of Reclaiming Texas for Christ, which is an organization designed to teach pastors what they can and can’t say or do politically and to disseminate the myth of what pastors can’t do when it comes to politics.

In addition to these legally based organizations, Tim serves as a member of the First Baptist Carrollton budget committee.

Over the years of his community service activities, Tim has experienced a number of memorable moments. While serving with the Rotary Club, the group delivered wheelchairs to people who lived in a low-income apartment complex. Tim recalls seeing the eyes of the people light up, and realizing how meaningful the gift was to them. They also delivered meals for Meals on Wheels, during which they were able to deeply touch the lives of people in need with the simple act of providing a hot meal.

Giving back to your community is a way to put life into perspective. It will teach you to appreciate what you’ve been given and how much you’ve been blessed.

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