What qualities should I look for in a Carrollton personal injury lawyer?

Accidents happen all the time. Whether it’s a car crash, job injury, or slip and fall, even a minor incident can cause major damages. Finding yourself out of work during recovery is a very tough spot to be in. This difficult situation is exactly where a Carrollton personal injury lawyer can help.

Many accident victims choose to seek reimbursement for damages by pursuing a personal injury claim. While this gives you the chance to ease the financial burden of recovering from an accident, trying to handle a personal injury claim can feel confusing on your own.

Instead, consider hiring a personal injury lawyer who can help.

Here are eight tips that can help you find an experienced Carrollton personal injury lawyer. With these tips, you can find the right firm to handle your case and cover your losses.

What qualities should I look for in a Carrollton personal injury lawyer?

1. Understand What You’re Looking For

Before you head online to search for a personal injury lawyer in Carrollton, it helps to know what type of case you have.
There are different types of personal injury cases you can pursue, including:

For example, there are about six million auto accidents every year in the United States. These accidents cause about three million injuries. In these instances, you’ll need an attorney with significant experience helping car accident victims. 

2. Talk to Friends and Family

Once you know what type of attorney you need, speak to your friends and family members. Were any of them in a similar situation recently? They could help point you in the right direction.
Ask them about the lawyer they hired.

Speaking with someone who has been in your shoes can help to streamline your search by letting you know what to look for — and what to avoid. 

What qualities should I look for in a Carrollton personal injury lawyer?

3. Look for the Experts

If you don’t know anyone who’s been in your shoes before, that’s okay. Instead, start your search online. The State Bar of Texas website helps you search for a lawyer based on your geographic area or your legal needs.

Searching through the State Bar of Texas website ensures that as you begin developing a list for Carrollton personal injury lawyers, each one will be licensed to practice in Texas.

It’s essential to find someone who is knowledgeable and experienced. To do that, consider reviewing their website and/or reaching out for a few key questions, including:  

How long have they been in practice?

You’ll want to find out how long they have worked as an attorney in Carrollton. Laws can differ based on where you are. It would be best to be sure to find someone who has experience practicing in the North Texas judicial system. 

How many cases like yours have they handled over the years? What was the outcome of those cases?

Are they a part of any industry organizations?

You can also learn more about their capabilities by looking into their memberships or certifications. For example, are they a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum? If so, they likely hold extensive courtroom experience, having won at least one multi-million dollar verdict or settlement. This distinction is held by less than 1% of all lawyers in the United States. 

4. Make Sure They're Effective

It’s not enough to find someone with years of experience. You also want to make sure you’re hiring a personal injury attorney who will work hard to win your case.

Ask questions about their proven track record. How many personal injury cases have they won over the years? How many of those cases were recent?

Ask about the payout for each case, too. This should be knowledge that they are open to sharing. What’s the average amount they recover for victims?

What qualities should I look for in a Carrollton personal injury lawyer?

5. Read Up on Reviews

You don’t have to believe an attorney when they say they’re the best in town. Instead, head online to learn more about their professional reputation. Reading online reviews can help you learn more about their abilities.

You can find reviews on Avvo.com or read any filed complaints on the Better Business Bureau site.

A handful of negative reviews are fairly normal, but many poor ratings should be seen as a red flag. Reading multiple online reviews and visiting a few different sites will help you paint a better picture of the attorney. 

6. Schedule a Consultation

Take your research deeper by scheduling a free consultation appointment in person. This meeting will give you an opportunity to ask any lingering questions you have. During your consultation, pay attention to how the personal injury attorney speaks.
Don’t forget to ask about their schedule.

If they can’t dedicate time and attention to your case, or don’t seem concerned about the pain and suffering you’re currently facing, you might want to look elsewhere. 

What qualities should I look for in a Carrollton personal injury lawyer?

7. Ask About Their Resources

Your personal injury lawyer might need to rely on their network to build your case.

For example, a slip and fall accident in Carrollton might require a medical expert to testify regarding your personal injuries. If there were significant injuries, the medical expert might help prove the pain and suffering you have experienced..

If you were in a car crash, the attorney might want a traffic or vehicle investigator to look into the details of your case.

Does the Carrollton personal injury attorney you’re researching have an established expert network? If not, they might fail to build a strong case on your behalf. 

8. Check the Contract

Make sure to review each lawyer’s contract, too. What fee structure do they use? If they use a contingency fee structure, they’ll only require payment if they win your case.

This could encourage the lawyer to work even harder to win on your behalf. 

Pick a Pro: 8 Tips for Finding the Best Carrollton Personal Injury Lawyer

While there are plenty of lawyers in North Texas, these tips can help you select the right Carrollton personal injury lawyer for you. If your search brings you to The Law Offices of Tim O’Hare, we will use our team of attorneys to develop the strongest case for you. Getting you the compensation you deserve is our #1 priority — and you don’t have to pay attorney fees, court costs, or expenses unless we recover money for you.

To schedule a meeting with an attorney from The Law Offices of Tim O’Hare, contact us today.