Why do lawyers get a bad rap?

by Tim O’Hare

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Unless you have a personal experience with an attorney, your view of lawyers is likely determined by what you see in television dramas and commercials. The general view of lawyers is that they are ambulance-chasing scum bags who would do anything to make a buck. The reality of practicing law is far from what you see on television. While there are attorneys who work to defraud the system and engage in unethical practice, let the bad guys go free and charge astronomical fees, that is not a fair assessment of all attorneys.  But, a few bad apples can ruin the appearance of the entire bunch.

Most attorneys are honest, hardworking and ethical professionals working for their client’s best interests.  Unfortunately, their reputations are marred by the few “bad apples.” You will find dishonest and unethical “professionals” working in any field, but the media will exploit the few cases in which ethics are broken, or wrongdoing is uncovered, and give the appearance all attorneys are the same. The performances and results of the reputable attorneys are often overlooked when the stories of guilty individuals getting off on “technicalities” or under-the-table agreements are reported ad nauseam by the media.

Personal injury lawyers seem to take the brunt of the negative opinion about attorneys. In Dallas alone, there are dozens of billboards and television commercials of personal injury lawyers promising high dollar settlements for individuals injured in an automobile accident. These big claims and false promises make personal injury attorneys look about as respectable as a dishonest used car salesman.

It is true that lawyers, especially personal injury attorneys, have a poor reputation in the public eye. However, if you hire a personal injury attorney with a solid reference for his or her integrity to handle your case, you’ll see that not all lawyers are out to make quick cash on your settlement and only concerned with their winning record. A lawyer with integrity and ethics will work for your best interests. If you have questions about how a personal injury attorney can help you, click here for more information.

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