Understanding Our Judicial System — Civil vs. Criminal Law

by Tim O’Hare

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How well do you know our judicial system? Do you know the differences between civil and criminal law?

The majority of legal cases are either a civil or criminal case. However, there is also an area of law known as administrative law, which deals with governmental entities, such as in social security disability cases, or other matters before governmental entities.

In a criminal case, a local, state or federal prosecutor prosecutes someone accused of wrongdoing on behalf of the people. On the other hand, a civil case consists of two or more private parties in a dispute, where one party is seeking financial restitution, such as in a personal injury case, contract or business dispute or will contest. A civil case cannot result in jail time for the defendant, as might be the result of a criminal case.

Civil lawyers represent clients in claims before a lawsuit is filed, as well as in lawsuits, whereas criminal lawyers work cases within the criminal justice system. Unlike in many criminal cases, defendants in civil cases are not entitled to a lawyer at no cost if the party cannot afford to hire an attorney.

A lawyer who passes his or her bar exam is able to practice either civil or criminal law.  Some, but not many, do both.  But, it is allowed.  One day, a lawyer may defend an accused in a criminal case, the next day, he might file bankruptcy on behalf of a client, and the next sue a negligent party in a wrongful death case.

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