Texas Leads the Nation in Drunk Driving Deaths

By Tim O’Hare

Texas leads the nation in drunk driving deaths. In 2009, there were 1,235 deaths resulting from drunk driving. California came in second with 950. When counting DWI fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles driven, Texas drops to second behind South Carolina.

The statistics are shocking, to say the least.

According to Century Council, 185 of the DWI deaths in 2009 were victims under 21, and high percentages of all alcohol related deaths involved repeat drunk driving offenders.

In 2010, Texas Senator Jane Nelson announced that she would file a bill, which would permanently revoke the driver’s license of anyone convicted twice of driving while intoxicated. The controversial bill is aimed at reducing the number of repeat DWI offenders, and ultimately saving lives. According to an article in the Star-Telegram, 78,000 Texans have more than three DWI convictions.

With higher DWI injury and fatality statistics in Texas also comes a greater need for personal injury attorneys to handle these cases.  For victims of drunk driving in Texas, it is important to select an attorney who has a full knowledge of personal injury law and will work with law enforcement to ensure proper investigation of the case.

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