Shop Local: Support Local Businesses this Christmas

by Tim O’Hare

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shop local, support local businesses, Tim O'Hare, Dallas personal injury attorney, Dallas personal injury lawyer, personal injury lawyerAs a former Mayor and a small business owner (law firms are small businesses!), I understand full well the importance of supporting local businesses. Local businesses are the spice of a community; they add diversity and distinct character to a city.

Small businesses fuel the local economy, can influence local decision-making, promote a vibrant community and encourage innovation and entrepreneurism. Without local businesses, every community would look the same, with the same stores and restaurants.

As Christmas fast approaches, I encourage you to spend some time shopping local retailers and dining at local restaurants. Do your part to fuel your local community. With our office located in the eclectic, charming and historic downtown Carrollton Square, here are a few local businesses we frequent in the area:

  1. The Old Craft Store — An all-service quilt store with everything for the quilter, including classes. It is the quilter’s dream!
  2. Silver Star Mercantile — This old-timey store is full of knickknacks and unique, handmade gifts.
  3. Blooms Candy & Soda Pop Shop — A huge selection of retro candy, soda pop in glass bottles and quirky gifts. If you can think of a candy you ate as a kid that you can’t find in your grocery store, go to Blooms and you’ll probably find it!
  4. Amici Signature Italian — Owned by Bartolino Cocuzza, this is one of my favorite restaurants, with delicious Italian food. My favorite dish is the Linguini Pesto.

As you finish up your Christmas shopping, whether in Carrollton or elsewhere, be sure to support local business owners. The return is well worth it! Happy Shopping, and more importantly, Merry Christmas!