Don’t Be a Victim of Drunk Driving This Football Season

By Tim O’Hare

Whether you’re a Cowboys fan or not, football season is in full swing. From high school and college football to pro, football games often mean tailgating parties, house parties and of course travel to and from the games. Unfortunately, this great American pastime often includes alcohol, which leads to an increase in drunk driving.

Football is a big in Texas — it just may be the biggest, most watched sport in the state. Drunk driving is also big in Texas. In fact, Texas leads the nation in drunk driving deaths. In 2009, there were 1,235 deaths resulting from drunk driving — nearly 300 more than in California, which came in second.

Enjoying a good football game doesn’t have to mean putting your life in danger. Stay safe at the party, and on your way home.

Choose a designated driver. If you’re going to a watch party at a friend’s house or a tailgating party where you know there will be alcohol, plan ahead and select a designated driver or an alternative form of transportation. Before you get to the party, know exactly how you will get home. If you’re hosting a football party, be sure to provide plenty of non-alcoholic drink options for the designated drivers.

Avoid late night driving. Nobody wants to leave the party just before the end of the fourth quarter. But, if it means getting home safe, it’s probably worth it. If you can bear to miss the last few minutes of a game (especially if it’s not an “edge-of-your-seat” kind of game) head home early, and beat the post-game rush.

Drive in the right lane. Sticking to the right lane may save your life from drunk drivers and wrong-way drivers alike. Oftentimes drunk drivers drift out of their lane or into oncoming traffic. The further you are to the right of the road, the better your chances of avoiding being side-swiped or hit head-on by a drunk driver.

Don’t let the fear of becoming a victim of drunk driving keep you from enjoying nights of celebration for your favorite football team. But planning ahead and making smart choices are essential when it comes to your safety.

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