The Christian Legal Society

By Tim O’Hare

In 1961, the Christian Legal Society was founded with the goal of training and encouraging legal professionals, professors and students to incorporate Christian principles into their law practice.

The Christian Legal Society (CLS), which consists of local chapters nationwide, has four areas of ministries for Christian legal professionals: attorney ministries, law student ministries, legal aid ministries and the Center for Law and Religious Freedom. The goal of each of these ministries is to support legal professionals and students in integrating Christianity into their study and practice of law.

The Attorney Ministries provides mentoring for law students, law-focused discipleship, legal referrals and volunteer legal aid for those in need. The Law Student Ministries offers Bible studies, student conferences, faith-based curriculum and mentoring by other CLS members.

The Legal Aid Ministries provide legal services to the disadvantaged at no charge. Through this particular aspect of the CLS, thousands of hours of legal services has been donated by CLS members to disadvantaged community members. This ministry also provides Christian guidance for personal problems and teaches an understanding of legal rights to those in need.

The Center for Law and Religious Freedom is the country’s oldest Christian organization that advocates for religious liberty. The CLRF works with Congress to defend the Constitutional rights found in the First Amendment.

Through the CLS, members of the public can search for legal aid. This referral directory consists of a list of current CLS members who have signed the CLS Statement of Faith. This is a great resource for anyone looking to find an attorney who practices law with integrity.

Tim O’Hare is President of the Dallas Chapter of the Christian Legal Society. If you are in need of a Dallas personal injury attorney who provides aggressive legal aid with integrity, or have questions regarding the Christian Legal Society, contact the Law Offices of Tim O’Hare. Call us at 972-960-0000 or Toll-Free 888-960-0020.